They Say Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover


What an ugly cover!

It’s super cringey and very 2005, which is when it was translated.

The book if you’re interested is Yasmine by Eli Amir.

It’s a novel set in Israel in 1967, which follows Nuri an Iraqi Jew, who meets and falls for Yasmine, a Palestinian woman recently returned from France. It looks at Israel in 1967, and what was left of East Jerusalem.

It was pretty interesting, and I did adore Eli Amir’s other widely translated novel The Dove Flier which was a novel about Iraqi Jews, in Iraq. Amir is an Iraq Jew, who immigrated to Israel in the fifties.

I still cannot get over that cover.

I know, the old adage is not to judge a book by its a cover, but we do. Book covers are an art form, and a lot of thought goes into designing them. Book covers are a form of advertising for the books. The reason so many books of similar themes have similar covers, is because the publishers want you to see the new cover and think of the old book you liked.

Anyways, if I didn’t already enjoy the author, I would not have picked up the book, based on the cover.


Books I’ve Loved So Far This Year

Here are some of the notable books I have read so far this year. Not all of them are rated ‘five star’, and the book are in no particular order.

At the time of writing this I have read 800 books, however these few books are just a small sample of what I have enjoyed.

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Five Books for Pride

It’s not pride here at the bottom of the world, because it’s winter, and it’s actually rather cold. Here, the Pride Festival is usually in September/October, and where I used to live it was February/March. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from shouting about LGBTQA* stories.

Here are five fiction books with LGBTQA* themes. They are not necessarily books, I consider to be the best, but all touch on interesting themes or stories.

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On recording your reading

Since 2016, I had recorded every book I have read, cataloging everything from new favourites to classics on the site.

I’ve gone through various phases of using different shelves, which for the uninitiated is just tagging books for future reference.

I don’t particularly love the site. It has been prone to glitches, and I dislike that some truly terrible books have such high ratings. Nonetheless, it has helped me find new books to read based on ones I enjoyed, and list the ones I want to read down the line.

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