Will I Ever Write A Book?

One of the things that happens, when you mention that you like to read, is that people ask you if you ever plan to write book. I suspect this is because reading is seen as a passive hobby. What, you just sit down and read words off a page? Boring.

Other hobbies, like exercise based ones or making stuff, have a clear activity. Very little to do with running, is theory based.

However, watching movies is another passive hobby, but we don’t hear people ask others, if they think they’ll ever direct a movie.

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The Ziva David Reading List

I used to watch a lot of television. I mean a lot. I was always sort of drawn toward cop shows, possibly because I liked the procedural aspect. I’m not sure. One of my favourite shows as a teenager, was NCIS. If you are not acquainted with television, NCIS is a very long-running show, which focuses of Navy Cops. It is not explicitly right-wing, but definitely appeals to that sort of demographic. So quite opposite to my super liberal self.

The main reason, I watched that show, as it kept killing characters, and suggesting that revenge is a good course of action, if you’re the ‘good guy’, was Ziva David.

200w_d source

From what I gathered through my super scientific research on tumblr, is that this character was an inspiration for many women, young and old, and the reason many people watched the show. She suffered through a lot, and overcame even more. She was strong, but kind.  She had been through a trauma conga-line, but still managed to find joy.  She also regularly kicked ass. The actress left, because she was burnt out, which led to a rushed exit. Eventually she was ‘killed off’ offscreen to fuel man!pain for another character’s exit storyline.

However, seeing as that all happened after I stopped watching, I chose to believe the character laid down her guns, and is now doing rewarding work, while finding  peace.

She was also a reader, with her making a few literary references throughout the eight seasons she was on the show. For someone, who did not speak English as a first language, she had quite highbrow liteary taste.

So, as a light sort of post, here is a compiled list of some of the books, she refrenced. Most of this is based on memory, or tumblr research, because I’m not going to sift through nearly 200 episodes.

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So, what fiction do I like to read?

Alas, it has been six months since I’ve updated this. It seems I have commitment issues. However, one of my New Years resolutions, is to write more, so I thought I’d start early.

I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve been trying to discern my tastes.

Up until 2016, I barely read  like five books a year, because I was studying or watching TV. Since, then I’ve then I’ve more than made up for it, by spending the past few years reading pretty much everything I could get my hands on. In 2016, I read about 80% non-fiction, but so far this year I’ve increased my fiction intake, with it averaging to  1 in 3 books, being fiction now.

I’ve read a few disappointing books lately, and I’ve been trying to work out what exactly disappointed me. On the flip side, I’ve also tried to work out what is important for me in a book. I’ve come up with some thoughts. Some rambling thoughts.

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Favorite books of 2017 (so far)

Oh, that’s right, I have a blog.  I also have commitment issues. What, a wonderful combination.

Anyway, it’s halfway-ish through the year.  Goodreads tells me there is 197 days left in the year. So, I thought I’d talk books I have absolutely loved so far.

I read a lot. I am also stingy, with ratings. My average rating is like 3.24. To me, these books are the best of the best. All of the six listed here have gotten five star ratings. I have read as of writing this 1468 books this year (yes, I will write a post on that).

I tend to read non-fiction, but what I rate hire tends to be fiction. I am built on quandaries and contradictions. So below, and in no real order, is some of the fiction that has blown my socks off, so far this year. I’ve tried to limit spoilers.

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Hi, My Name Is


My name is Alice and I adore books. I also like my own opinions on books, and love hearing other peoples opinions on books even more.

If you have stumbled onto this little corner of the internet, HI! Please stick around we have some goodies coming up.

I read really fast, like easily a couple of books a day. So most of my day is taken up by reading, and that work thing that I have not yet been able to escape. I like to read books with poetic language, poetry, non-fiction, and anything set in the middle east. I also have a degree in Psychology, so love anything about that.  Also, being a raging lesbian, I am always on the look out for books with LGBTQIA* characters, and themes.

The plan is to post blogs based around topics or themes, rather than individual books. We shall see, how that goes.

Thanks for popping by,